This work, a set of peripheral products UED page design created for the fans of LNG’s League of Legends E-sport team, focuses on e-sports, Y2K art, functions, ACGN and other trendy cultures loved by Generation Z. In the section of commodity introduction, this set of design, by bringing forth the new based on the old and recreating with modern techniques, integrates the tradition and the trend. In the display section, the design, employing such approaches as models, scenes and CG, looks more three-dimensional and more comprehensive than the traditional two-dimensional interface of merchandise details, which enables customers to construe in depth the cultural background and details of images behind the products while getting to know them. Lastly, in the section of product display, such approaches as models, scenes and colors lend the product details a more fashionable style, and commodity information is displayed more comprehensively. This, compared with the traditional way of presenting the merchandise, is more eye-catching and able to trigger the emotional resonance of target customers, thus further facilitating their browsing and consumption.