Freeze-dried Coffee


Yuanshang Coffee, featuring the philosophy of “ingenious”, “premium” and “trendy”, is a new domestic coffee brand designed for the youth. The coffee adopts the widely accepted modern minimalist style as the design tone. On top of that, its packaging has also blended in the classic concept of “Five Elements” from Chinese philosophy. The“Five Elements” is characterized by “mutual promotion and restraint between the “Five Elements”and “separate yet unified”. This packaging mainly applies the concept of “separate yet unified” in the “Five Elements”.

The packaging of Yuanshang Coffee is featured in large and small cans. Boasting excellent convenience, the portable small cans enable users to share and promote among friends, which represent the concept of “separate”. While the large cans, with the simple styling, can be well integrated into the various modern household environments. Acclaimed for their toughness and endurance, the large cans’ ability to store small cans is symbolic of “unified”. The design team also integrates the conception of “Jin, Mu, Shui, Huo and Tu”(Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) in the “Five Elements” with the coffee of different flavors, and takes traditional Chinese colors as visual cores of the small can packaging design. This not only strengthens its recognition but also helps users to distinguish the flavors, which unifies the appearance design and functions.

All made from recyclable materials, the outer packaging of Yuanshang Coffee has a mature and complete recycling program, which is durable and environmentally friendly, in line with the social values of sustainable development.