Piru children's anti-kicking quilt


Whenever the temperature drops, winter time, the most headache for parents is the baby cold, every day all night kicking quilt, baby parents have to wake up countless times a night to cover the baby quilt, baby parents sleep poorly, get up in the morning no spirit, baby often cold, this is the problem of every winter troubled countless parents, to baby The use of traditional legged sleeping bags, comfort is not good, affecting the turn over, feet and feet leak outside, changing diapers inconvenient, etc., in order to solve the confusion of countless parents, Piru R & D design this anti-kicking quilt


This is a washable anti-kicking quilt, Piru and Kyoto University in Japan to develop A & P hydrophilic silk, its quick-drying, washable dough quality, breaking the bottleneck of the bedding can not be washed as a whole, and effectively solve the problem of incomplete bacteria removal.

This product can be a multi-functional children's quilt that can do quilts and anti-kicking quilt, zipper can be an anti-kicking quilt to prevent babies from kicking. Zipper all open, you can do a bed quilt again.

The fabric of this product is made of 100% cotton fabric, which is soft and skin-friendly, with a class A baby safety level.

The core is filled with Piru's unique Japanese A&P hydrophilic silk filling, quick-drying temperature control, quilt cover quilt can be machine washed as a whole, no dough, no pilling, no fading.

This anti-kicking quilt is designed with large and small shoulder piece, the national patent product, the size of the shoulder protector freely adjustable, according to the temperature, at your own pace, spring and autumn, early winter, choose small shoulder protector, shoulder warming hand heat dissipation baby more comfortable, late winter choose large shoulder protector

Hand protection warmth does not bind .

Size there are two sizes to choose from, small 0-6 years old available, it is recommended that the height of 110 or more to buy large, large 6-12 years old available, can be used to height of about 150.

A variety of thickness can be adjusted This anti-kicking quilt can be freely adjusted according to the temperature of different thickness to meet the baby's sleep needs throughout the year.

Temperature reference as follows.

Thin liner suitable for room temperature 18-25c spring, summer, spring and autumn use.

thick liner suitable for room temperature 0-15c in the fall and winter use.

mother and child double urchin suitable for room temperature -10-5 ° C in winter and four seasons use.