Sinopec Green Island gas station


Located in Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang, this project is a self-service gas station for promoting modern and intelligent life. In order to integrate into the surrounding environment and echo the exterior of adjacent buildings, the gas station is colored mainly gray, with a bit of white and black, to weaken the original colors of Sinopec’s visual identity and highlight its logo.

In this project, a special splicing technique of hexagonal steel structure is adopted, whose biggest advantage lies in prefabricated production and assembled construction. With strong adaptability and flexibility, the process allows rapid construction and a quick start. Besides, the overall structure and poles of the building are all made by CAD and CAM-integrated software and processing equipment imported from Australia, ensuring the high efficiency, precision and quality from design, modeling, implementation to assembly. In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, the lighting of the whole station can be adjusted by an intelligent lighting control system, and the light intensity will change according to the flow of traffic and people. As for the canopy of the gas station, it is transparent and of steel structure with polycarbonate solid sheets. The design not only reduces the use of lights during the day, but also avoids common problems on the roof of a conventional gas station, such as water leakage, peeling off after powerful sunlight exposure, and cracking, thereby greatly extending the service life.