Index Asurity Safety Scalpel


Index Asurity Safety Scalpel offers a highly available solution for modern surgery. It is composed of a plastic handle, a blade and a safety holder. The sharp blade can be selectively exposed or covered with a positive tactile and audible “click”, and permanently locked safely away after use with an additional push. The ergonomic positioning of the shield actuation switch on top of the handle assures no left or right-handed bias and rapid, intuitive shielding without excessive grip changes. So, the risk of reuse and accidental cutting can be completely eliminated, especially in the less developed countries lacking medical resources. When fitted with most common standard blade styles, the disposable handle and shield maintains the form and handling of a traditional scalpel, accomodating the use of plastics with fibre-filled material for stiffness, grip and markings. The ability to safely pass and collect sharps in an immediately usable condition improves confidence and security in all applications. Moreover, a scale is designed at the end of the handle to provide effective support for outdoor first-aid conditions.