Thanks to the rich experience of polar researchers and polar guides, 5D cold-resistant ·polar crossing down jacket can ensure highly reliable safety and protection performance in extreme environments. Mainly made of Gore-Tex fabric, it follows the "box" vertical lining process and 360° three-dimensional wind-proof adjustment system, which is light and breathable, and can offer excellent protection in extreme weather. Wear-resistant Cordura fabric and reflective fibers are used at the shoulders, elbows, back and hem areas to improve the wear resistance of these wear-prone areas and ensure reliable visibility in the dark. Professional pocket layout, built-in flexible thermometer and flexible protective devices help ensure the safety of the wearer; The D-ring hanging on the back is designed through man-machine, so that it is accessible to users to hang goods and carry out the emergency rescue. The transparent brim could guarantee good visibility in the extreme environment. After the polar field evaluation, it is found that the jacket can meet the needs of the professional investigation, meanwhile offering professional support for amateur explorers and polar tourists.