YQ·SKYLARK presents an efficient solution for modern work and study. Based on its internal infrared high-speed camera capturing technology, it can collect the note data written on the dot matrix code point paper and display it on the screen of the smart device synchronously, which retains the traditional paper writing experience while providing intelligent information recording. It greatly saves time for users to sort out notes. The ergonomic pen body can offer users a wonderful experience. Handwriting data will be stored in the smart device APP in digital form and the pen also supports OCR technology. It can store or share data permanently by e-mail, electronic message and other forms. The pen, both convenient and efficient, can be used not only in personal note managing, but also in education to meet the needs of classroom blackboard writing and online homework correction. In addition, equipped with the Hall switch, it will be turned on for use automatically after its cap is pulled out. The circular indicator light on the pen body will remind the user of the device running state, providing clear visual indication.