As online shopping has brought convenience to people, so has it engendered a large amount of package wastes. According to statistics, in 2020, the sheer volume of packages delivered in China has reached 83 billion pieces. In consequence, the discarded packages can stack up as tall as 120 Oriental Pearl Towers.

DERAVEL has redesigned the original recycled environmental protection fabric with modern technique. Compared with traditional packaging, DERAVEL has better protection and durability, which prolongs the service life of the material and increase the duration of packages being used. It significantly reduces R&D and testing costs, saves the break-in time from design to mass production, and achieves the fitness between materials and technology.

Meanwhile, DERAVEL can be tracked and managed in real time through the App, forming the operation mode of "package-delivery-return-recycle", which can realize the recycling of packaging, reduce the waste and realize the transformation eco-friendly in the express industry. It is the best substitute for packaging in the courier industry nowadays, thus guiding the courier industry to standardization, greening and recycling.