​Evoke 1200


Evoke 1200 is an LED spotlight that can deliver various controllable lights effectively in the film and television industry. With outstanding lighting performance and adaptation to different surroundings, it can provide diversified lighting solutions to users. The groundbreaking 1.2 kW LED spotlight can create more possibilities for making films and television dramas. The highly accurate user interface with its precise adjustment in 0.1% increment allows for pinpoint accuracy in light output and intensity settings. A quick-release mechanism of the yoke enables convenient assembly and disassembly. Also, the large aperture and sturdy fixings of the NL mount allow users to quickly switch between optical accessories to meet multiple needs of shooting scenes. Made completely of metal for the fixture body with a protection grade of IP54, Evoke 1200 can adapt to different weather conditions as well as indoor/outdoor environments. It also supports both wired and wireless control via NANLINK APP, DMX/RDM, Bluetooth and Lumenradio TimoTwo. In addition, equipped with AC/DC dual power supply, quick-release structure and multi-lights frame, Evoke 1200 can operate to its greatest extent.