Small square electric ceramic oven


In recent years, as social lives and per capita income improve, an increasing number of people have started to enjoy “tea drinking”, an activity integrating both culture and artistic conception. However, the regular tea kettles and electric stoves are only equipped with heating and thermal two modes, for which users have to pay extra attention to the condition of tea. While chatting with friends and relatives or answering the phone, users may neglect the boiling tea that may lead to water overflow or boiling away. For that matter, this tea kettle, specially designed for those tea lovers, is able to solve the problems above-mentioned.

With a sturdy appearance, Xiaofang electric stove, made by resin process, has a harmonious texture. During the appearance design, the design team used wire electrical discharge machining to lend the product a clean line construction and a simple yet elegant square shape. Its sunken heating plate and protruding surround can prevent water from polluting or permeating into the plate on the one hand, and can be blended in with any environment on the other. Functionally, equipped with an automatic power-off function and an integrated automatic water injector, this electric stove needs no monitoring and lowers the operation difficulties of tea-making, thus avoiding spraying or splashing of filling by hand. In addition, adopting an ultra-high hardness glass-ceramic plate, the heating module is efficient in heating and easy to clean. Furthermore, its seamlessly connected joints can further prevent the internal modules/wiring from short-circuiting or premature rusting caused by water seepage, providing excellent service life and sustainability.