Electric Off-road Motorcycle


The product is a light-weighted field utility vehicle developed for teenagers. It is distinguished by the battery-powered dynamic system and the detachable energy storage system with quick-replaceable lithium batteries. Equipped with a fully-mechanized ultra-lightweight frame and G3 curved surface, the whole vehicle weighs only 48KG, of which the battery module accounts for 12.5%, thus outshining other off-road motorcycles in terms of portability. As for operation, the scooter boasts better controllability because of its three-step speed mode. With a maximum speed of 45km/h and a maximum torque of 25N·M, it conquers various cross-country situations as well as jumping or flying over slopes. In view of safety, the scooter with a complex gear shift structure not only avoids misoperation while kids are driving, but also helps them to acquire driving skills step by step. Moreover, the front fork manages a shock absorbing range up to 120mm. Coupled with a multistage adjustable damper, the scooter gives an excellent and stable performance on shock absorbing and operation.

By virtue of the battery-powered dynamic system and the detachable energy storage system, the scooter outshines traditional gasoline motorcycles in many aspects. In addition to general performances such as less noise, large torque and environmental protection, the simplified battery structure makes charging safer and more convenient for users, especially teenagers, avoiding the risk of carrying gasoline along the way.