YUTONG IOV Digital Fleet Management System


With its fleet management system, Chinese bus manufacturer YUTONG has developed a smart, networked solution for the remote analysis and monitoring of vehicle fleets. By integrating a range of advanced technologies, data between vehicles and smart devices are exchanged in real time. The system offers fault diagnostics and safety assistance but can also carry out further data analytics such as the assessment of driver behaviour and energy consumption. The flat navigation hierarchy and expressive infographics significantly enhance the efficiency and user friendliness of the management system.





YUTONG BUS CO., LTD., Zhengzhou, China


YUTONG BUS CO., LTD., Zhengzhou, China Shenzhen Yutong Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Project Team:

YUTONG BUS CO., LTD.: Cheng Li (Web Design)