Social Campaign

Stop Yulindog


China’s annual Dog Meat Festival takes place in Yulin on 21st June. More than 15,000 dogs are slaughtered for human consumption at the festival. Many of these are stolen house pets. The social campaign “Stop Yulindog” has brought people’s attention to this cruel practise and encouraged them to stop the event. The bones for the key visual come from garbage cans from dog meat restaurants and market stalls. At the risk of conflict, the team collected 230 bones from hundreds of different dogs and built a dog bone sculpture, which is now on display in the China Art Museum in Shanghai.





Honeycare, Shanghai, China


mcgarrybowen, Shanghai, China

Executive Creative Director:

Danny Li

Group Head:

David Wang, Lucky Guo

Art Director:

Huangzong Duan

Senior Copywriter:

Sihan Jin


Minglei Miao, Yu Gao, Yiqiang Liang

Market Operation:

Yini Ma