The project is a cultural and commercial complex that integrates culture and commercial activities. Different high-quality life services are expected to gather together in the complex to give visitors a unique sense of freedom, openness and nature, so as to relieve their fatigue and pressure accumulated in the city life. The whole project can be roughly divided into four parts: parking, eating, porcelain and open-air leisure areas, presenting a fresh and neat visual perception. Besides, the characteristics of different elements are highlighted by contrast, such as the combination of modern beige stone exterior wall and classic arch bridge structure, adding novelty to the project through the merging of the ancient and the modern. When viewed up close, the texture is accentuated through the contrast between the smooth and the matte. As for the outside, the complex is located in the modern environment, but the interior is decorated with rocks, water and bamboos,  increasing its idyllic beauty. The project is supposed to become a laboratory containing various lifestyles, thereby encouraging consumers to explore and experience different products and lifestyles. In order to enhance its appeal to the youth, many internet-famous sites are introduced, so that the project with a high recognition can quickly catch the attention of visitors while retaining its simplicity. In this way, stores here can enjoy the popularity before long and a new social space will be created for young people.