wishes pillow(Rolling)


Wishes Pillow (Rolling) is designed to improve the comfort level of sleep and to rectify the positions of the head and neck during sleep. A pillow with the optimal softness for sleep should support not only the back of the head but also the back of the neck, and keep the head, neck, and shoulders in a straight line. To have the best sleep, different users need supporting modules of different hardness and heights.

In accordance with the curve of the human body, Wishes Pillow (Rolling) divides the pillow surface into six independent supporting sections that are stuffed with different amounts of latex particles, goose down, and antibacterial fibers, to adapt to users with different figures and heights. By freely adjusting these sections without dismantling the separated modules, the pillow users can perfectly support the head and rectify the cervical spine through a suitable height and comfort level according to their own needs. 

Its unique partition design distinguishes it from traditional pillows with great similarity and presents a visual beauty. The modular structure combines ventilation and support, offering users a healthier sleep solution.