XIJIAJIA is the world’s first AI digital human loaded with AIGC (AI-Generated Content). Her looks are generated via AI extracting the facial features of Chinese women, and the intelligent dialogue can be realized based on her own personality. Thinking like a man, XIJIAJIA not only allows autonomous learning and iteration, but gains the creativity in AI singing and dancing, AI editing, AI painting as well as AI composition.

Standing out from the traditional digital human, XIJIAJIA performs the AIGC ability in many cooperative projects, who is able to conduct the face-to-face interaction and barrier-free communication (multiple languages, sign language and lip language) with users. Such a design surmounts the nationality or language barrier, helping guide the future development of virtual reality technology.

Thanks to one-to-many, high-intelligence, multi-language and multi-scenario functions, XIJIAJIA energizes traditional art and modern fashion; she also acts as a virtual spokesman and hostess invited to numerous online and offline activities, becoming the first digital human linking virtuality and reality in the field of aviation, automobile racing and catering.