At present, alcohol markers on the market are similar in color, appearance and cover shape, with simple appearance and no big breakthrough. They are mainly of the pure color series, but drawers look for gray tone makers. 

XIA COLOR MARKER is a double-ended marker without color difference designed for professional drawers. It has carried out the color separation to the gray tone, filling the vacancy of the gray tone markers in the market, and meeting the strict requirements of professional drawers for the huge color system. The appearance of the pen cover is designed according to the thickness of the pen tip, which makes up the disadvantages of choosing the thick or thin heads of the marker by mistake. Color differentiation is reflected on the diagonal cut color lump on the top of the pen cover. When it is opened, it is arranged according to the color gradation, convenient for users to select colors. Compared with traditional products, its professional long and thin nib is more suitable for modern hand-drawing techniques, so that the painting effect and texture can be further improved.